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NCORD’s eHealthSystem is a liaison between information technology and the healthcare industry. It is a digitally secure storage of all your medical records which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It makes the timely medical care and emergency interventions possible.

The eHealthSystem is an innovative solution for streamlining the transfer of medical data. It can store specific health information, including medical insurance, health status updates, blood and organ repository etc.

On the basis of requirement and validity , NCORD has launched various plans to enroll for eHealthSystem.

eHealthSystem Mobile Application

NCORD's eHealth App allow a 24x7 access to your health information and is directly linked to your NCORD's eHealthSystem account.

eHealthSystem Mobile Application Features
  • Linked to your eHealthSystem
  • Electronic Health record on the go
  • Prescribed Medication list
  • Book Doctors appointment
  • Access Pathology reports
  • View prescriptions
  • Panic button in Emergency use
  • Find Ambulance, Doctor, Hospitals
  • Request to Blood bank & other services
  • Drug Directory
  • 185 Disease Information and Videos
  • Upload Data
  • Online Chat support 24x7

About eHealthSystem

  • Connects you to healthcare providers through Cloud Technology
  • Globally Calibrated Dynamic Card
  • 16 digit unique ID number for secure data access
  • Facilitates quick & accurate medical response
  • Free EHR system for medical professionals
  • Facility of customized eHealthSystem with your hospital name & logo
24X7 LIVEWIRE support for better clinical decision making by integrating patient information from multiple resources

Secure & stress free travel Livewire would connect you to Hospitals, Doctors, Labs, Insurance Providers, as easily as you would connect to your email account
  • Medical information available on-the-go
  • Remote Access to Health Data
  • Multi-regional, Multi-lingual & Multi-platform Applications
  • Access to Innovative Advancements in Technology, Healthcare & Research
  • Privacy to Preventive & Holistic Healthcare Information
  • Reduces physician's diagnosis and analysis time
  • Preventing the risk of cross-medication
  • Avoids voluminous paperwork and other administrative overhead
  • Health information of all patients will be available in the hospital
  • Prolonged medical cases; can be tracked and checked
  • Enabling quick access to patient records for more coordinated, efficient care
  • Improving patient and provider interaction and communication
  • Complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing from medical legal perspectives
eHealthSystem will connect you to
  • Emergency Medical Response Team
  • Nearest Multi-Speciality Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Centers & Blood Banks
  • GP and Consultant Clinics
  • Global Insurance Providers
  • Expert Doctors for Second Opinion
  • Cost Effective Treatment & Medications
  • Global Hospitals & Donor Programs
  • Recent & Updated Health Care Information
  • Advanced Cellular Therapeutic Centers
  • Cord Blood & Dental Pulp Stem Cells Banking
  • Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Research Centers & Bone Marrow Registry
  • Anti-aging Research Institutes & Longevity Clinics
  • Store individual's health records
  • Rest assured HIPAA Compliant Data is managed securely
  • Guarantees responsive medical management in the event of medical emergency anywhere around the world
  • Assures that you stay connected with family during Medical Emergency Situations
  • Value international, multilingual customer care service
  • Stay connected with your insurance provider during emergency situations
  • Availability of analytical reports and data on behavioral issues, diseases, allergy incidence patterns
  • Rely on reduced administrative overheads
Student eHealthSystem: Health is critical for an overall development of students and it significantly influences enrollment, retention and completion of school. NCORD School eHealthSystem initiative supports schools health programs in many ways such as:-
  • Regular health checkup records
  • Electronic Database for student
  • Associate institute's identity card number with the eHealthCard number
  • Easy, real-time & up-to-date information about student's current health issues and historical health records
  • Aids in organizing health fairs, immunization camps etc.
  • Emergency backup for the students
  • Surveys on health related concerns
  • Planning future health related activities
  • Satisfy accountability towards student healthcare
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At NCORD, we endeavour to bring personalized healthcare to millions by deploying the latest technological innovations in healthcare, medicine, and science

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