Vision & Mission


Our vision is to create a 'LIVEWIRE' that connects patients, their families, hospitals, research institutes, alternate therapies & holistic approach for comprehensive healing. We intend to build a healthy & happy tomorrow - Caring for Earth’s most precious resource.


Be the world's leading providers of healthcare information & connectivity. Using our portfolio of products, we seek to develop the most innovative, secure, reliable & easy to access medical histories & lab records, bridging the gap to cure the globe.


The eHealthSystem is an offshoot product of NCORD which slices and dices the huge database of medical information and makes sure with the help of its internationally patented technology that it is useful for all the stake holders. The platform allows storing, preserving & downloading of medical records anywhere, anytime, electronically.


At NCORD, we endeavour to bring personalized healthcare to millions by deploying the latest technological innovations in healthcare, medicine, and science

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